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Tailor-made & adventurous trips to Botswana

We are a family business that organizes tailor-made and adventurous trips to Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Kenya for individuals, families, and groups.

We have extensive travel experience with specific experience and a good insight into each country’s unique society and culture, having partly lived in Botswana and Kenya since the 1980s.

We make each trip unique by planning the trip based on the travelers’ interest in visiting the countries.

Our trips almost always include exciting safaris where you experience nature with its amazing wildlife and the travelers can also get to know the country and its culture.

For example, we can schedule study visits in various areas and we often visit the countryside and cities, where we visit people with whom we have good contact.

Our trips can also include sun and swimming or hiking (for example Mount Kenya).There are also options for the most adventurous (provided that the security situation allows). We can also plan a visit to gorillas in Rwanda or Uganda.

When traveling to Botswana, we also see the Victoria Falls in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. It is also possible to combine different countries. In 2022, for example, there was a group that visited both Namibia and Kenya during the same trip.

During the trip, you can choose to stay in more exclusive lodges or in simpler, but still comfortable tents during a safari. We choose accommodation with care and usually have good personal contact with those who run the lodge or camp. We avoid large hotel chains and try to choose smaller, personal, and ecological accommodations.

The length of the trip can vary between one and two weeks. The price per person can vary from about SEK 20,000 for a safari to about SEK 50,000 for a 2-week trip with accommodation at a reputable lodge and with a high hotel standard in general. Kenya is cheaper to travel to. It is possible to visit the countries at any time of the year, but in southern Africa, it can be a bit too cold during July-August.

Why us

A suggestion for a trip to Botswana could be:

Day 1 - Overnight flight to the capital Gaborone

Begin your adventure with a comfortable overnight flight to Botswana's capital city.

Day 4 - Drive to Serowe

Travel to Serowe, a town rich in history and cultural significance in Botswana.

Day 2 - Tour of Gaborone with information about the country

Explore Gaborone with a guided tour that provides insights into Botswana's history, culture, and governance.

Day 5 - Visit Khama Rhino Sanctuary

Spend the day at Khama Rhino Sanctuary, a conservation area dedicated to protecting endangered rhinos.

Day 3 - Visits to villages, schools and more

Immerse yourself in local life by visiting villages and schools to understand the community and daily activities.

Day 6 - Drive to Maun with a stop for a visit to one of the world's largest diamond mines

Journey to Maun, stopping en route to tour one of the largest diamond mines in the world, learning about Botswana's diamond industry.

Day 7 to 10 - Okavango with accommodation in a lodge or tent

Experience the stunning Okavango Delta, staying in either a lodge or tent and enjoying activities such as safaris and boat rides.

Day 13 - Visit of the falls in Zambia

Cross into Zambia to view Victoria Falls from a different perspective, experiencing its breathtaking views and unique attractions.

Day 11 - Fly to Kasane, boat on the Chobe River

Fly to Kasane and take a scenic boat ride on the Chobe River, renowned for its abundant wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Day 14 - Journey home

Conclude your trip with a return journey home, filled with memories of Botswana's diverse landscapes and cultural experiences.

Day 12 - Drive to Victoria Falls and visit the falls in Zimbabwe

Drive to the iconic Victoria Falls, exploring the majestic waterfalls from the Zimbabwean side.

Alternatively, a trip to Kenya (sun and bath can be exchanged for hiking around Mount Kenya)

Day 1 – Overnight flight to Nairobi

Day 2 – Tour of Nairobi with visit to the Karen Blixen Museum and guided tour of Kibera

Day 3 – Drive to a national park, for example, Masai Mara or Tsavo, alternatively to a “wildlife conservancy” such as Ol Pejeta or Lewa

Day 4- to 5 – Safari

Day 6 – Train or fly to the Indian Ocean, such as Mombasa or Malindi

Day 7 to 9 – Sun and swimming

Day 10 – Journey home


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See you in Africa!

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